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03/19/2004UNC Hospitals aims to attract nurses 4  NURSES, UNC HOSPITALS
11/29/2011UNC surgeons give baby life-changing operations 5  NURSES, UNC HOSPITALS
12/03/2012Nurse has troops' nasal solution 6  NURSES, UNC HOSPITALS
01/06/2003Carolina First Aims for $1.8B Goal 1  FUND RAISING, UNC HOSPITALS
11/22/20021st Radiothon Raises Almost $200,000 for Hospital 5  FUND RAISING, UNC HOSPITALS
02/17/1995Convicted doctor faces suit 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
02/20/2002Officials back hospital construction audit 3  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
04/08/1998BOG to focus on UNC Hospitals' budget 3  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
11/07/1997Court date closes in for sexism suit 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
01/12/1994Hospitals must insure phony psychiatrist 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
08/28/199512 UNC Hospital employees arrested for selling marijuana, crack cocaine 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
04/09/1998Aid to UNC Hospitals discussed 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
09/05/2002UNC Hospitals Celebrates 50th Birthday 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
09/01/1998Legislature Re-examines Future of UNC Hospitals 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
04/19/2000Patient attempts suicide 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
09/23/2002UNC Hospitals Lose Discrimination Case 3  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
02/26/1997Hospital's patient privacy probed 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
02/25/2003UNC Hospitals to undergo $25.6 million renovations 7  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
02/09/2000Hospital awaits probation decision 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
02/20/2002Wasted time and money [Editorial] 12  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
08/29/2001UNC Hospitals seek donors 2  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
08/26/1998Language Barrier Hard To Break at Hospitals 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
03/17/2003Hospitals on alert as war looms 3  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
02/20/1997UNC Hospitals records found at Caffetrio 1  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
03/04/1994Editorial: The right decision 8  SEE NCMH (UNC HOSPITALS)
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