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10/31/1973$62 million asked in UNC-CH budget 1  UNC BUDGET
04/15/1983Students rally at N.C. legislature 1  UNC BUDGET
01/16/1990Editorial: Mice, money, and mosques 12  UNC BUDGET
10/27/1982Report says lack of adequate funding 4  UNC BUDGET
04/18/1983Editorial: Rally in review 6  UNC BUDGET
04/19/1989Editorial: Martin's budget cut strikes 10  UNC BUDGET
07/06/1989University debt not as bad as expected 1  UNC BUDGET
04/21/1989Budget cut forces drastic reductions 1  UNC BUDGET
01/18/1990Spending freeze sets in 1  UNC BUDGET
03/03/1983Budget cut may affect aid, loans 1  UNC BUDGET
06/01/1989No relief from. . .cuts in sight 1  UNC BUDGET
04/26/1989Senate may seek job cuts at UNC 1  UNC BUDGET
...Editorial: Hardin faces. . .(Budget) 12  UNC BUDGET
10/20/1989Editorial: Facing financial woes. . . 8  UNC BUDGET
01/12/1990State suffers drastic budget shortage 1  UNC BUDGET
01/18/1990Dorm renovations postponed 1  UNC BUDGET
02/21/1980UNC plans budget, HEW court case 1  UNC BUDGET
04/14/1983Buses set to roll for Raleigh rally 1  UNC BUDGET
01/12/1990$2.8 million cut hits home at UNC 1  UNC BUDGET
10/28/1982Change in law concerning budgets 1  UNC BUDGET
03/26/1980Loss of state funds cancels 8 programs 1  UNC BUDGET
06/29/1989UNC doesn't match up with peers (table) 8  UNC BUDGET
03/01/1983UNC budget decision postponed. . . 1  UNC BUDGET
11/08/1989State finance office cuts UNC budget 3  UNC BUDGET
02/10/1983Officials discuss budget, inflation. . . 1  UNC BUDGET
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