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04/10/1989Rape investigation on hold 1  SEE UNC/TOWN GROWTH 1984 DATES (FRANKLIN ST. EXTENSION)
01/12/1987City council beefing up police. . . 4  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
04/21/1989Town budget plan proposes tax hike 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
11/11/1987Plans to develop land near I-40 3  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
09/23/1987Permit for 5 story bldg. sought 3  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
04/08/1983Proposed thoroughfare plan. . .drags along 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
06/14/1984Development Okd (Town council) 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
01/16/1976UNC growth plans submitted to trustees 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
09/15/1975Population growth is conference topic 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
09/25/1991UNC's poor planning destroys quality (letter) 8  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
04/12/1988Council defers annexation of town. . . 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
04/26/1976Chapelboro? Possible merger resisted 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
08/31/1979Editorial: Growing Pains 8  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
09/05/1978Growth rate. . .housing crunch 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
09/03/1998University Tackles Future Growth 3  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
02/21/1974Residents oppose thoroughfare plans 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
09/03/1998Downtown, Development Top Priorities for Town 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
02/01/1990Downtown Commission elects new members 3  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
12/01/1988Council approves new subdivision 3  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
09/17/1985Growth causes concerns 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
02/15/1979Editorial: A shot in the arm (expansion) 6  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
03/17/1987Editorial: Just. . .R-E-S-P-E-C-T 8  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
01/19/1987Chapel Hill: urban, village values 1  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
10/05/1987Development, traffic helps transit 3  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
10/29/1987Carrboro candidates debate traffic 3  UNC/TOWN GROWTH
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