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01/07/2003Editorial: Sending the wrong message 11  TUITION HIKES, UNC
...BOG could halt all tuition increases 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
10/11/2002Task Force On Tuition Talks Goals 3  TUITION HIKES, UNC
01/07/2003Task Force Oks $1050 tuition hike 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
11/12/2002Possible Tuition Increases A Highly Complex Issue Involving Diverse Factors 10  TUITION HIKES, UNC
09/20/2002Construction, Tuition Hikes Place Hefty Burdens on Students 8  TUITION HIKES, UNC
01/08/2003Editorial: A Welcome Freeze -- Members of BOG should endores freeze proposal 8  TUITION HIKES, UNC
01/06/2003BOG passes tuition hikes of $486, $1,778 for UNC 3  TUITION HIKES, UNC
09/07/2001UNC might see higher price tag 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
03/18/2003Tuition hikes melt Morehead funds 3  TUITION HIKES, UNC
11/21/2003BOT delays vote on tuition hikes 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
...Possible increase worries students 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
11/24/2003Leaders say tuition hike is feasible 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
...Op.Ed: Affordability just as crucial to out-of-state students 7  TUITION HIKES, UNC
11/20/2003Out-of-state tuition may increase 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
01/15/2004200 gather for tuition teach-in 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
12/08/2003Editorial: Sound planning 10  TUITION HIKES, UNC
10/27/2003Op.Ed: SBP Tepper carves his own niche in uphill tuition fight 9  TUITION HIKES, UNC
11/26/2003Out-of-State students must protest tuition proposals (letter) 8  TUITION HIKES, UNC
10/29/2003Tuition increase could aid workers 3  TUITION HIKES, UNC
02/10/1961Budget Group Recommends Bond Issue For Student Union-Undergrad Library: Allotment Would Hike Tuition 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
11/10/2004Article falsely implies that study set dollar amounts (letter) 12  TUITION HIKES, UNC
11/12/2004System looks to limit campus hikes 1  TUITION HIKES, UNC
09/27/2010ASG discusses tuition plan 3  TUITION HIKES, UNC
11/18/2010Editorial Cartoon: We're Gonna Need More Land - tuition hikes 12  TUITION HIKES, UNC
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