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02/14/2011Student group protests tuition hikes after 60 programs were slashed 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
02/08/2011School of Arts may raise tuition 8  TUITION HIKE 2011
06/16/2011Difficult decisions ahead for UNC 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
...Editorial: BOGged down 8  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/01/2011Administrators: tuition proposal not a shock 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
...Ed: Too much, too soon: Early tuition proposals 8  TUITION HIKE 2011
10/31/2011Cooper to support tuition hikes 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/04/2011Cooper seeks input on tuition 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
...OP.Ed: Make your voice heard 10  TUITION HIKE 2011
10/12/2011Tutition hike up in the air 3  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/07/2011UNC works to keep tuition lower than peers' 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/09/2011Cooper has second tuition talk 3  TUITION HIKE 2011
09/26/2011Dental fees could rise $1,240 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/11/2011Cooper: Students OK with 6.5 hike 3  TUITION HIKE 2011
10/06/2011Review of peer institutions could affect tuition levels 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/14/2011ASG talks tuition hikes 3  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/15/2011UNC officials support 15.6 percent hike 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/18/2011Trustees pass tuition hikes 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
...Faculty retention was key in hikes 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/17/2011Proposals exceed cap systemwide 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
...Despite student protests, a committee approved Carney's plan 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/21/2011Former system president wants low tuition 3  TUITION HIKE 2011
11/30/2011Budget cuts and tuition hikes are changing schools' revenue models 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
09/02/2010Board of Governors debates tuition increase cap 1  TUITION HIKE 2011
12/02/2011UNCSA may raise tuition above cap 3  TUITION HIKE 2011
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