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02/22/2002New plan may start for tuition 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
10/11/2001Editorial; Tuition-raising made easier 10  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
03/05/2002Faculty for university tuition plan 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
03/26/20025-year hike plans take back seat 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
10/16/2003Task force to discuss discuss tuition hike 3  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/21/2003BOT delays vote on tuition hikes 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
...Possible increase worries students 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/24/2003Leaders say tuition hike is feasible 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
01/15/2004200 gather for tuition teach-in 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/26/2003Editorial: Giving Thanks 8  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
...Out-of-State students must protest tuition proposals (letter) 8  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/03/2003Editorial: The Wrong Source 10  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/19/2010Board passes max tuition increase 3  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
12/08/2010Schools coping with shortfall: Thorp to seek maximum tuition increase 3  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
04/26/2011Ed: Think local, act vocal 12  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/01/2011Administrators: tuition proposal not a shock 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
10/31/2011Cooper to support tuition hikes 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
10/28/2011Massive tuition hikes possible 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
10/12/2011Tutition hike up in the air 3  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/08/2011Cooper holds tuition forums 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/17/2011Proposals exceed cap systemwide 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
09/07/2010Ed: Keep the cap: Raising the cap on tuition increases 9  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
08/23/2010Tuition hike was 'the only way' 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
07/08/2010$950 tuition increase undecided 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
11/18/2009Thorp ready to act on tuition 1  TUITION HIKE, UNC-CH
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