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02/25/2002Faculty criticize BOG plan 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
01/20/2004Faculty condemns BOT plan on tuition 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
11/01/2010University considers pay raises for facutly 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
11/07/2011UNC works to keep tuition lower than peers' 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
08/23/2010Tuition hike was 'the only way' 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
04/14/2010Ed: Tuition nightmare looming 16  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
02/09/2012Proposal puts tuition toward faculty raises 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
11/13/2009Tuition affects faculty quality 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
10/12/2007Chancellor Won't Request Tuition Hike 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
10/22/2007Tuition Task Force To Meet 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
10/23/2007Task Force Weighs Range of Hikes 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
11/08/2013BOG starts 4-year plan tuition talks 1  FACULTY & TUITION HIKE
03/05/2002Faculty for university tuition plan 1  FACULTY COUNCIL & TUITION HIKE
01/14/2004Faculty call for tuition caution 1  FACULTY COUNCIL & TUITION HIKE
01/20/2004Faculty condemns BOT plan on tuition 1  FACULTY COUNCIL & TUITION HIKE
02/24/2003Maryland system students sue over midyear tuition increase 1  MARYLAND, UNIVERSITY OF, TUITION HIKE
09/18/1995Trustee Committee recommends tuition hike 1  TUITION HIKE
10/28/1999BOT Tuition Vote Set for Today  TUITION HIKE
09/18/1995UNC, N.C. State must form common front on tuition 10  TUITION HIKE
09/20/1995Students ask trustees to delay 1  TUITION HIKE
09/15/1995Spangler berates hike at N.C. State 1  TUITION HIKE
01/29/2002Protesters, Leaders Didn't Act Professionally In Tuition Protests [Letter] 8  TUITION HIKE
09/08/1995Spangler offers alternative to $400 tuition proposal 1  TUITION HIKE
02/14/2000BOG passes $600 hike; plan heads to state 1  TUITION HIKE
05/04/2000Tuition battle unites student forces 4  TUITION HIKE
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