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01/09/1995UNC student tuition lawsuit headed to N.C. supreme court 5  TUITION AND FEES
01/09/2004BOT talks to include grad tuition 1  TUITION AND FEES
07/10/2003State to give free tuition to graduates of NCSSM 2  TUITION AND FEES
12/02/2003Raising out-of-state cap would benefit state, UNC (letter) 10  TUITION AND FEES
11/26/2003Editorial: Giving Thanks 8  TUITION AND FEES
01/08/2004Nonresidents may see tuition hike 1  TUITION AND FEES
01/19/2010Jones meeting with N.C. legislators 1  TUITION AND FEES
10/01/2010Tuition decision process questioned - Budget cuts fore re-evaluation of options 1  TUITION AND FEES
10/04/2010BOG considering credit hour tuition 1  TUITION AND FEES
01/20/2011UNC deposit rises to $250 3  TUITION AND FEES
11/17/2009Tuition: Question and answers 3  TUITION AND FEES
02/10/2010All three fee referendums pass 6  TUITION AND FEES
10/01/2012Tuition increases possible next year 1  TUITION AND FEES
08/28/2007Committee debates fee increases 6  TUITION AND FEES
09/19/2007Student leaders clash on fee process 1  TUITION AND FEES
10/23/2007Task Force Weighs Range of Hikes 1  TUITION AND FEES
10/25/2007Ed: Out of thin air 14  TUITION AND FEES
11/06/2013Task force talks fees, tuition 1  TUITION AND FEES
11/13/2013Ed: Put a cap on it 8  TUITION AND FEES
11/22/2013Trestees OK nighttime parking fee 1  TUITION AND FEES
01/10/2014Chancellors oppose tuition hike 1  TUITION AND FEES
10/27/2008ASG: Hikes are too much 1  TUITION AND FEES
01/24/2014In-state tuition not granted 1  TUITION AND FEES
01/29/2014Ed: Tuition without borders 8  TUITION AND FEES
11/07/2008Ed: Future ranking uncertain 8  TUITION AND FEES
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