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10/05/2001Policy elimination dismays student leadears 3  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
02/05/2003Students meet with legislators to increase involvement 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
08/31/2001UNC tuition less than peer schools 3  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
02/20/2003Editorial: Wussing out -- BOG and tuition hikes to cover enrollment growth 12  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
04/16/2003Legislators look to control tuition 3  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
02/20/2002Study: tuition linked to state appropriations 3  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
06/03/1993(N.C.) House approves tuition increase minus surcharge 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
01/12/2004System tuition proposals floated 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
01/09/2004BOG to weigh in on system tuition plans 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
01/14/2004Student opinion divides panel 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
...BOG to weigh in on tuition-funded raises 3  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
01/22/2004ASG fears hikes could snowball 3  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
09/27/2004Student officials debate tuition 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
10/07/2004Committee approaches tuition talks 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
10/08/2004Board mulls tuition plans 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
10/18/2004Panel to discuss tuition increases 3  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
11/09/2004Broad sees no systemwide hikes 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
11/11/2004Editorial: A new zero effect 12  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
11/12/2004System looks to limit campus hikes 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
11/17/2004Editorial: Stopping just short 8  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
11/23/2004System schools examine tuition 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
01/19/2010Jones meeting with N.C. legislators 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
10/04/2010BOG considering credit hour tuition 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
10/05/2010Tuition model could change 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
11/29/2010Budget gap spurs highter tuition 1  TUITION, UNC SYSTEM
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