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04/09/2003Advisory board examines expanding local transit 3  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
08/18/1998Reverse U Route Serving Campus 3A  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
01/30/2003ACT hears about fees, extension of safe ride 4  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
01/07/2003ACT to finalize long-term campus parking plan 2  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
02/25/2003Public transit focus of Council's transportation plan 3  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
11/13/1995Grooving to te Beat of a Differnt Driver 3  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
03/25/2003Editorial: UNC--By the Hour: proposal for campus-based car rental 10  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
03/19/2003UNC's Safe Ride runs smoothly 5  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
09/09/1999Mayors Discuss Triangle Transit Troubles 3  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
07/29/1999P2P Service Reduced By Cuts 1  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
12/02/2002ACT Proposes Longer Hours In 2 Pay Lots 3  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
03/24/2003UNC may rent cars to students, faculty 9  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
01/12/2004Late-night bus service takes a financial hit 1  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
09/24/1969Cab Fare May Increase 5  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
02/12/1970Transportation Commission Set Up 6  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
03/07/1970Cansler's Bus Suggestion Long Overdue, Misguided 2  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
05/07/1970Buses Need $$ To Keep Running 6  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
09/20/1968Buses Begin On Monday 1  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
09/27/1968University Will Subsidize South Campus Bus System 1  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
...Bus Subsidy Commendable 2  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
10/08/1968South Campus Service Increases As Bus System Makes $15 Profit 6  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
08/30/2004A greener campus is good but alternatives are needed (letter) 11  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
09/02/2004Zipcar use growing but still incurs debt 3  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
09/21/2004Editorial: The healthy choice 12  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
10/21/2004ACT reviews transportation 2  TRANSPORTATION, UNC
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