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10/12/2001Chapel Hill town council discusses transit system 4  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
02/19/1996Transportation Board Discusses Future Transit Options, Budget Cuts 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
04/27/2000Town, UNC explore fare-free busing options 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
02/05/1996Editorial: A Fare Increase 12  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
02/25/2003Public transit focus of Council's transportation plan 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
11/28/2001Local buses added, routes to change with new plan 1  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
01/24/2001Congress takes steps toward free busing 1  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
03/04/2003Transit system bears elevated fuel prices 2  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
02/12/2001Student groups aim for fare-free transit 1  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
03/19/2003UNC's Safe Ride runs smoothly 5  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
02/20/1998Transit officials discuss plans with residents 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
01/25/2001Councils favor free bus system 1  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
02/02/2001Crowded buses show necessity to expand [letter] 8  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
01/26/2001Fare-free busing could maker service overcrowded [letter] 8  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
03/31/2000Local buses could run fare-free 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
11/15/1995Transportation Leaders Sets Goal TO Aid Students 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
06/28/2001Fare-free busing factors into town budget 2  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
04/20/1993Town donates $1,000 to push for alternative... 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
05/07/1970Buses Need $$ To Keep Running 6  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
04/16/2004Survey shows rise in bus use 11  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
09/08/2004Citizens to eschew driving 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
09/13/2004Town comes to terms with parking struggles 6  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
09/20/2004Town garners transit award 3  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
04/09/1968Bus Systems Objectives Unclear 2  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
11/22/2010Town pushes alternative transportation Fridays 5  TRANSPORTATION, CHAPEL HILL
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