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09/04/2002ACT Discusses PublicTransportation 3  ADVISING COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
01/13/2003Funding, details of ACT's plan remain to be set 3  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
01/30/2003ACT hears about fees, extension of safe ride 4  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
01/07/2003ACT to finalize long-term campus parking plan 2  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
01/10/2003Proposed decks may see some resistance 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
03/24/2003ACT looks at Dogwood deck 9  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
01/13/2003Editorial: The Wrong actions -- Advisory committee plan offer much needed solutions, but some. . . 8  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
12/02/2002ACT Proposes Longer Hours In 2 Pay Lots 3  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
01/10/2003Faculty willilng to pay based on sliding scale 4  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
01/09/2003ACT plans for 3,030 more spaces by 2010 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
10/21/2004ACT reviews transportation 2  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION
01/30/1998Editorial: Economics of parking 8  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
09/18/2003Study considers HOV lanes on I-40 11  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
09/26/2003NCDOT looks to fix intersection 4  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
03/04/2011County hopes for easier DOT funds 3  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
06/17/2010Residents urged to use bus 6  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
03/26/2013DOT removes pink stripe from licenses 1  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
02/26/2009Transportation projects get first stimulus funds 3  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
03/24/2015State to create 300K jobs with highways 5  DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
02/16/1998OP-ED: Mass transportation necessary to lessen area's traffic woes 9  MASS TRANSPORTATION
...OP-ED: Proposed rail project not feasible 9  MASS TRANSPORTATION
09/13/2004Town comes to terms with parking struggles 6  MASS TRANSPORTATION
03/25/2011Board approves new fees, permits 1  MASS TRANSPORTATION
07/08/2010Carrboroites want in on future transit 5  MASS TRANSPORTATION
06/17/2010Residents urged to use bus 6  MASS TRANSPORTATION
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