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09/17/1996Council hears traffic concerns of E. Frank. neighborhoods 1  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
03/26/2003BOT could act on traffic, parking 3  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
09/07/1971Traffic problem needs attention (letter) 6  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
12/04/2003Forum focuses on traffic worries [Carolina North] 9  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
11/10/2003Outlook bleak for red light cameras 1  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
01/09/2004Council debates traffic cameras 1  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
01/12/2004SafeLight backers criticize petition 3  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
01/13/2004Petitions war over status of cameras 3  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
01/23/2004Op.Ed: Red light cameras do town little favor as policing tools 8  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
09/20/2004Town garners transit award 3  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
10/11/2004Chatham construction may affect traffic levels 2  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
10/12/2004Report: Many roads over capacity 3  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
03/25/2011Biker, driver in road dispute 7  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
11/07/2011Town earns traffic safety award 4  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
08/23/2010140 West construction could cause traffic jams 1  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
02/09/2010Council discusses impact of Carolina North on traffic 3  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
04/10/2012Greensboro Street to see traffic delay 1  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
12/08/1929Editorial: A unique plan for traffic safety promotion 2  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
09/12/2012E. Main project moves forward 3  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
08/29/2007N.C. examines transit needs 4  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL
01/11/2008New superstreet cause confusion for some 9  TRAFFIC, CHAPEL HILL