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09/09/1971University backs towing policy 2  PARKING (TOWING)
01/30/1974Editorial: Policy doesn't make sense 6  PARKING (TOWING)
09/19/1959CH Merchants Ask Parking Meter Change 3  PARKING (TOWING)
03/15/2011Town works to add more parking 4  PARKING (TOWING)
11/17/2011Town Council to address towing 1  PARKING (TOWING)
02/15/2012Ed: Non-predatory towing 10  PARKING (TOWING)
08/20/2012King at the center of Chapel Hill towing dispute 1  PARKING (TOWING)
08/21/2012Ed: Towing the line 8  PARKING (TOWING)
08/23/2012Council votes to appeal towing ban 1  PARKING (TOWING)
10/05/2012Towing ban on hold until 2013 1  PARKING (TOWING)
02/12/2008Towing companies protest proposed town ordinance 3  PARKING (TOWING)
03/04/2008Town passes towing charges 3  PARKING (TOWING)
03/07/2014Ed: Towing the line 4  PARKING (TOWING)
07/17/2014Parking lottery neglects students 8  PARKING (TOWING)
11/30/1978Growing towing puzzles police 3  TOWING
09/07/1971Towing cars/court says some illegal 1  TOWING
08/27/1992Towing easier under revised ordinance 2  TOWING
09/14/1977Residents can't have special permits 1  TOWING
12/01/1977Four residents file suit 1  TOWING
09/20/1977Stone says towing may resume Wednesday 1  TOWING
09/15/1977Officials undecided on towing plan 1  TOWING
11/12/1976Illegal parkers beware 1  TOWING
09/19/1977Stone to delay enforcement 1  TOWING
02/25/1981Towing: Illegal parking, stolen. . . 1  TOWING
08/30/1977Town prohibited from towing. . . 1  TOWING
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