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09/13/1972Op.Ed: A time of learning 6  TORONTO EXCHANGE
09/27/1971Toronto group names chairman 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/17/1972Canadians visit UNC 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/11/1975Cultures traded under Toronto Exchange 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/16/1972Toronto students to arrive 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
10/16/1971Toronto project underway 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/13/1973Canadians discover Fuquay-Varina 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
10/14/1973Exhaused Canadians face 18-hour trip 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/21/1970Toronto Visitors Discuss 'The South' 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
09/11/1972Toronto: Insight into yourself 3  TORONTO EXCHANGE
01/28/1974Toronto: Beerfriendspizzafriend. . . 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/19/1970Canadians Come To UNC For Exchange 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
10/18/199014 students arriving soon 3  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/09/197164 ponder experiences as. . .visit ends 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
09/23/1991Toronto, UNC stuents exchange hospitality 3  TORONTO EXCHANGE
09/29/1973UNC sends 34 to Toronto 2  TORONTO EXCHANGE
09/08/1971Toronto Exchange needs students 2  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/01/1971UNC to be host to 30 Canadians 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
02/07/1975Trip was 'beyond weird' 6  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/08/197338 Toronto students to visit 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
09/16/1969Toronto Exchange Called 'Culturally Rewarding' 2  TORONTO EXCHANGE
09/21/1969Toronto Exchange Sets 30th Visit 3  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/21/1969Exchange Students To Visit Scott 6  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/23/1969Exchangers Air 'Neighborly Gripes' 4  TORONTO EXCHANGE
11/11/195920 Canadian Students To Arrive For Exchange Program Weekend 1  TORONTO EXCHANGE
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