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02/20/1998UNC honors excellence in teaching 3  THORP, HOLDEN
01/26/2001UNC experiment yields liquid DNA 2  THORP, HOLDEN
09/29/1997Chemistry teaches reasoning skills important for all 13  THORP, HOLDEN
02/23/2010Thorp holds open house for students 3  THORP, HOLDEN
09/22/2010Chancellor's book focuses on innovations 6  THORP, HOLDEN
09/20/2010Busting Myths - Science duo addresses crowd 1  THORP, HOLDEN
09/28/2010Thorp launches legacy - Project will spur student innovation 1  THORP, HOLDEN
10/06/2010Faculty talk athletic stigma - Express concern with public image 1  THORP, HOLDEN
10/13/2010Every leader tested: Bowles: 'Thorp always makes an A' 1  THORP, HOLDEN
10/11/2010Faculty council addresses football 3  THORP, HOLDEN
10/12/2010Two years later, Thorp addresses unwelcome obstacles 1  THORP, HOLDEN
...Editorial: Double standard? comparing academic and sports sanctions 8  THORP, HOLDEN
10/13/2010Dedication marks final stage of science complex 3  THORP, HOLDEN
10/19/2010Thorp to give address on innovation in Carroll Hall 3  THORP, HOLDEN
10/15/2010Editorial: Sell students on the plan - Innovate @ UNC 14  THORP, HOLDEN
11/01/2010Burney must retake course 1  THORP, HOLDEN
10/29/2010Thorp talks on innovative university Thursday night 3  THORP, HOLDEN
11/18/2010Thorp asks for highest tuition -0 Trustees to consider 6.5 percent hike 1  THORP, HOLDEN
11/09/2010Thorpe talks budget cuts, tuition increase 1  THORP, HOLDEN
11/04/2010Chancellor Thorp's company partners for crop protection 3  THORP, HOLDEN
12/06/2010Ed: Consult yourself: Administration's action to bring in third party looks more like shirking responsibility 5  THORP, HOLDEN
12/08/2010Schools coping with shortfall: Thorp to seek maximum tuition increase 3  THORP, HOLDEN
...UNC searching to fill several leadership roles 9  THORP, HOLDEN
...Innocate@Carolina rolls ahead 14  THORP, HOLDEN
11/02/2010'Thriller' with Thorp 3  THORP, HOLDEN
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