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01/30/1975Thieves say employee pilfering common 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/29/1975Store owners find shoplifting difficult 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/28/1975The big rip-off: pilfering from 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/13/2004Students resort to humor to deter thieves 4  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/20/2004Thefts top apartment crime stats 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
08/23/2004Crime groups join together to fight auto break-ins 3  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
08/25/2004Groups join up to fight theft 2  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
08/27/2004Theft of laptops cools off in town 3  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/22/2004Test driver takes off with $53,000 Lincoln Navigator 3  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/08/2004Five breaking-and-entering incidents might be related 3  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
...Police gear stolen from trunk of an off-duty officer's car 3  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/20/2011Car break-ins decline 11  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/13/2011Second theft calls for investigation 3  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
02/05/2010Taking precautions can help prevent on-campus theft 9  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/01/2012Burglaries rise on campus 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/26/2012Police investigate string of Toyota car thefts 5  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/02/2012Residence hall burglaries rise 3  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/09/1963NCC Student Held For Library Theft 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/15/1930Oldsmobile car stolen Monday 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
02/06/1964Thefts Being Investigated 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/10/2013Banana, lobster may have stolen critter 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
02/29/1964Suicide of Duke Student May Be Key To Thefts Here 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/22/1964Early Monday Theft May Be Biggest In Town's History 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/23/1964Kemp Robbery Is Still A Mystery 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
02/18/1942Jarboe, Coat Suspect, Held By Local Police; Caught Red-Handed by Yeargan 1  THEFTS, CHAPEL HILL
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