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03/07/2003Lecture ast Playmakers to discuss history of theater at UNC 4  THEATER, UNC-CH
02/14/2003Students, alumni to organize 6 plays in overnight effort 3  THEATER, UNC-CH
01/28/2011Together in theater 3  THEATER, UNC-CH
11/29/2011UNC theater graduate in the spotlight 7  THEATER, UNC-CH
02/24/2012Ackland Art Museum hosts one act plays 1  THEATER, UNC-CH
...'The Vagina Monologues' returns to UNC 11  THEATER, UNC-CH
...Student adapts, produces and directs 'Imitation of Life' 3  THEATER, UNC-CH
11/07/19629 kids, 4 women 5 men needed for 'Miracle Worker' 1  THEATER, UNC-CH
11/17/1962Audience on stage: New technique adapted to 'Worker' 1  THEATER, UNC-CH
11/28/1962Shaw and Shakespeare get top billing Friday night 3  THEATER, UNC-CH
11/30/1962Shakespeare, Shaw works set tonight 1  THEATER, UNC-CH
12/12/1962Three famous one act plays to be presented by the Wesley's 3  THEATER, UNC-CH
05/17/2012It's not brain surgery: SITI company to perform 3  THEATER, UNC-CH
02/08/1963Lead man in Rhino likes its realism 3  THEATER, UNC-CH
10/25/2012Student theater groups in need of venues 4  THEATER, UNC-CH
11/15/2012Long Story displays student shorts 4  THEATER, UNC-CH
04/03/2013'Out of control' 'Cabaret' characters seek to escape 1930s Berlin culture 1  THEATER, UNC-CH
06/16/1942Construction of New Carolina Theater May Be Resumed Within Next Ten Days 1  THEATER, UNC-CH