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01/18/1991Threat, terrorism small at universities 3  GULF WAR (TERRORISM)
09/17/2001Op. Ed: Islam teaches value of human life not terrorism 11  TERRORISM
05/06/2003Panel mulls Shearon Harris dangers 3  TERRORISM
02/25/1970Editorial Cartoon: Terrorism 2  TERRORISM
03/16/2004UNC student in Madrid reacts to bomb attacks 1  TERRORISM
03/19/2004Attacks spur UNC push for bioterror research 9  TERRORISM
09/10/2004Silent run aims to commemorate terrorist strike 1  TERRORISM
09/19/2001Bush signs aid bill, approves use of force 1  TERRORISM & THE U. S.
05/06/2003Panel mulls Shearon Harris dangers 3  TERRORISM & THE U. S.
09/18/2001Forum denounces military retaliation 3  TERRORISM FORUM
09/28/2001University receives criticism for teach-in 3  TERRORISM, WAR AGAINST, TEACH-IN
09/20/2001Bush deploys troops; conflict nears 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
10/01/2001Taliban confirms Bin Laden's location 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
01/28/2003FBI ups dialouge with U.S. colleges 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
09/24/2001Taliban fails to produce Bin Laden 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
10/10/2001Conservatives call UNC campus liberal 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
10/03/2001Bush sends Rumsfeld overseas 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
09/24/2001Students, residents march for peace 3  TERRORISM, WAR ON
09/28/2001Taliban asks Bin Laden to leave 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
10/10/2001UNC professor speaks on ethics of attacks 2  TERRORISM, WAR ON
04/01/2003University, power plant pegges as potential target 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
03/07/2003DPS forms safety plan for terror attacks 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
09/28/2001Security increases on college campuses 5  TERRORISM, WAR ON
09/25/2001Bush freezes terrorist-related finances 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
10/09/2001U.S. attacks on terrorist targets continue 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
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