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09/27/1894The Tennis Tournament at New Haven 1  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
03/25/1895Couldn't tennis match between UNC and Virginia be organized for spring? 2  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
03/19/1963Hoehn Keeps No. 2 Position 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
04/09/1963Carolina's Undefeated Netters Leave For Important Matches 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
04/21/1963UNC Racquet Squad Wipes Out Maryland 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
05/12/1963Sokol Retains Crown As Singles Champion 1  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
05/15/19636 UNC Men On All-ACC 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
10/01/1919Tennis tournament to take place in the near future 1  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
03/24/1964Netmen Meet Indiana Here 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
04/17/1964Netters Smash Deacons In ACC Opener 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
05/03/1964Netmen Top Tigers For Fifteenth Victory 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
05/07/1964ACC Tennis And Track Tournaments This Weekend 6  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
05/08/1964Tar Heels Take Lead In Net Tournament 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
05/09/1964Sokol, Busick Meet In ACC Net Final 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
05/10/1964Sokol Breezes Past Busick To Take Third ACC Title 4  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
10/07/1941Fall Net Tourney To Start Thursday 3  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
10/24/1941Three Famed English Net Stars to Play Exhibition Matches Here November 3 3  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
11/19/1941Tennis Match Today Opens Turkey Day Fete 3  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
04/03/1942Netmen Earn 8-1 Win Over Cornell In Opener 3  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
04/10/1942Net Team Takes 57th Straight With 6-1 Victory Over Elon 3  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
04/21/1942Nine Tar Heels Win In Pinehurst Meet 3  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
03/26/1930Frosh and varsity tennis contingents to compete with Davis Cup players 3  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY
08/31/2007Tennis alumnae take on U.S. Open 1  TENNIS TEAM, HISTORY