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03/15/19946 dorms slated for 24-hour visitation 1  TEAGUE
05/26/1988Protest decision to go coed 1  TEAGUE ALUMNI
...Editorial: Let positive traditions live 20  TEAGUE DORMITORY
09/03/19971st-floor Teague residents could move in later today 1  TEAGUE DORMITORY
01/21/1975Teague & Avery battle in intramurals 5  TEAGUE DORMITORY
02/14/1973Six dorms studied for new living unit 1  TEAGUE DORMITORY
02/09/1979Women, SRC no problem for Teague (letter) 6  TEAGUE DORMITORY
05/26/1988Teague Residence to change status 1  TEAGUE DORMITORY
09/22/1988Teague residents adjust to coed status 1  TEAGUE DORMITORY
02/10/1988No pressure: broken water main. . . 3  TEAGUE DORMITORY
06/02/1988Boulton affirms Teague co-ed 1  TEAGUE DORMITORY
10/04/1989Teague residents may face charges 1  TEAGUE DORMITORY
09/29/1977Teague's grid dynasty constructed of. . . 9  TEAGUE DORMITORY
09/02/1988Editorial, Teague Dorm 14A  TEAGUE DORMITORY
07/30/1988Board upholds Teague co-ed decision 1  TEAGUE DORMITORY
06/02/1988Teague alumni, students react 4  TEAGUE DORMITORY
08/19/1997Wiring problems in Teague keep several rooms closEditorial: . . 6A  TEAGUE DORMITORY
06/02/1988Editorial: Boulton/Teague 16  TEAGUE DORMITORY
05/26/1988Students, frustrated at Teague input 3  TEAGUE DORMITORY
09/08/1997University more than helpful during Teague wiring project (letter) 12  TEAGUE DORMITORY
06/09/1988Editorial: Teague and Housing 16  TEAGUE DORMITORY
12/02/1991Teague Bandits' issue dire warning (letter) 8  TEAGUE DORMITORY
06/09/1988'Teague Foundation' to continue 4  TEAGUE DORMITORY
...Op.Ed: Housing's attitude. . . 17  TEAGUE DORMITORY
09/02/1988Editorial: Starting a new..tradition 14a  TEAGUE DORMITORY
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