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02/10/1998Deposition: ticket topic of improper discussions 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
12/05/1997Swain's claim of conspiracy not unique 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/18/1997UNC officer refuses to speak at hearing 3  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/26/1997Campus groups express outrage about Swain's firing 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
10/07/1997Police officer claims citation double standard exists 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/20/1997Police officer fired, considers suing University 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/26/1997Police officer's firing related to citation double standard (letter) 6  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/04/1997Grievance procedure escalates to next step 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
03/04/1999UNC Officer's License Lies in Limbo 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/24/1997Former UNC officer files complaint 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
12/04/1997McSurely, Swain meet with BSM 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
12/05/1997Signatures, e-mail support Swain 3  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
03/05/1999UNC Officer Testifies to Save Law Enforcement License 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
06/18/1998Swain alleges racist action in grievance 3  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
12/06/1997Swain supporter works to have grievance heard 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
05/27/1999Vote Clears Lt. Swain of Charges 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
01/30/1998Mediator appointed to Swain's case 2  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
01/08/1998Editorial: Back on the force 10  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
03/24/1999Judge: Give Swain Another Chance 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
10/13/1997University Police officer claims obstruction of justice 3  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
02/12/1998Editorial: Full disclosure 12  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/20/1997Paper upset by role in dismissal 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/21/1997UNC officer, lawyer to decide on lawsuit 1  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/24/1997Editorial: All fired up 12  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
11/26/1997Blatant favoritism for trustee demonstrated by University (letter) 6  SWAIN, LT. C. E. "Ed"
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