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01/27/1992Editorial: Questioning their ethics 8  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
02/23/1984Kelly restricts talk on hearing (Hiday) 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
01/28/1992Supreme Court drops Bibbs suit 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
01/30/1992Editorial: Court procedure not upfront 6  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
10/13/1989Court stalls DTH vote certificatio 3  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
10/16/1989Court to decide referendum validity 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
03/23/1979Op.Ed: Looking to an opinion (DTH case) 8  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
09/18/1970SL Fights Injunction 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
03/27/1979Poll problems not sufficient (DTH race) 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
11/01/1989Court invalidates DTH board referendum 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
03/27/1979Editorial:The spirit & the letter (DTH) 6  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
02/17/1986Offical record from trial cited 8  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
09/17/1970Supreme Court Freezes SG Funds 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
10/21/1970Bello To Appoint Wynne To Court 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
10/24/1977Student Supreme Court left short 4  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
10/25/1977Editorial: Enough with logistics. . . 8  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
01/29/1992Student Supreme Court needs lesson(letter) 8  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
03/25/1969Go-Ahead Given For Elections: Supreme Court Rejects Kelly Complaint 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
...Supreme Court Acts Justly On Election Issue 2  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
04/01/1969Court Dismisses Complaint; Elections Scheduled Today 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
04/10/1969Krichbaum Resigns: After Inauguration 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
02/09/2011Results delayed: Supreme Court responds to Santoro 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
04/25/2011Supreme priorities: A student 'public prosecutor is still needed 8  SUPREME COURT (UNC)
03/17/2014Supreme Court hears towing, cellphone cases 1  SUPREME COURT (UNC)