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11/07/1994Congress OKs Sarrat as a chief justice 3  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
02/06/1995Ed: Clearing the air 10  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
08/30/19993 Judicial Positions Unfilled 3  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
01/26/1995Student supreme court allows finance investigation of the executive branch 1  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
09/28/1999Student Supreme Court Appointees Await Approval 6  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
01/19/1995Executive branch probe blocked by student court 3  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
01/10/1995Student supreme court halts finance committee investigation 2  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
02/15/1970McMurray, Wilson Named By Albright To Supreme Court 1  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
09/20/1967Dick Ellis Resigns From High Court 1  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
04/25/2011Supreme priorities: A student 'public prosecutor is still needed 8  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
03/17/2014Supreme Court hears towing, cellphone cases 1  STUDENT SUPREME COURT
10/29/1970SL May Consider Appointment 1  SUPREME COURT
07/10/2003Letter: Supreme Court misused position by deciding UM diversity case 8  SUPREME COURT
05/17/2012Courts likely to decide future of amendment 1  SUPREME COURT
03/03/1963Ed: Court & free assembly 2  SUPREME COURT
07/19/2012Record suit goes to court 1  SUPREME COURT
11/14/2012University discusses future of admissions policy 3  SUPREME COURT
10/05/1963Goldberg Scores Critics Of Court 1  SUPREME COURT
03/27/2013Gay marriage reviewed 1  SUPREME COURT
05/09/1930Editorial: A Grave Injustice 2  SUPREME COURT
03/17/2014Supreme Court hears towing, cellphone cases 1  SUPREME COURT
08/22/2014Supreme Court halts gay marriage 1  SUPREME COURT
01/07/2015Supreme Court might review gay marriage 5  SUPREME COURT
02/20/1963Ed: Civil Liberties Case 2  SUPREME COURT
02/03/1992Court reconsiders lawsuit, will hear Bibbs' case 1  SUPREME COURT (STUDENT)
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