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04/25/1995Three winners of Burch Program will travel the world this summer 2  BURCH FELLOWS STUDY ABROAD
04/07/2011Fellows to study around the world this summer 13  BURCH FELLOWS STUDY ABROAD
09/18/1996Cuba opened for undergraduate study abroad 3  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
09/20/2010Study abroad showed lack of responsiveness (letter) 8  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
09/16/2010Cuba study abroad canceled 1  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
12/04/1962Cuba trip planning tonight 5  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
12/06/1962Cuban group will finance Phelps trip 1  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
12/13/196280-250 students plan Cuba trip 1  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
12/18/19623 UNC Students Still Defy Warning Against Cuba Trip 1  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
01/05/1963Phelps is stopped en route to Cuba 1  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
10/08/1963A Quiet, Courteous Boy, Salter Is Also 'Very Prous Of Cuba' 1  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
10/26/1963UNC Grad Student May Be Deported 1  CUBA, STUDY ABROAD
09/27/2000Study Abroad No Longer Just For Rich Kids 3  STUDY ABROAD
09/20/1995Going places 5  STUDY ABROAD
10/30/2001Officials reschedule Qatar trip 3  STUDY ABROAD
10/27/1988Fair presents foreign study options 1  STUDY ABROAD
04/16/2003Distinguished scholarships awarded to 6 UNC students 3  STUDY ABROAD
05/03/2000Spaniards show UNC good time 4  STUDY ABROAD
03/16/ travel, opportunities 7  STUDY ABROAD
03/19/2003Study abroad continues despite war 3  STUDY ABROAD
04/03/1998Food for thought 3  STUDY ABROAD
09/23/1971AIESEC program offers job...abroad 5  STUDY ABROAD
10/28/1996Proposed program could offer degrees to students in Indonesia 3  STUDY ABROAD
02/21/1975Foreign studies forms available 2  STUDY ABROAD
02/16/1994Class of 1938 to grant study abroad fellowships 3  STUDY ABROAD
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