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02/17/1977Residents challenge voting by students 1  STUDENT VOTERS
04/08/19721,030 registered to vote Thursday 1  STUDENT VOTERS
04/03/1978Hunt aid sought in voting dispute 1  STUDENT VOTERS
10/15/1971Orange County resident to protest. . . 1  STUDENT VOTERS
09/20/1971More students registering in town 6  STUDENT VOTERS
03/16/1978Cohen, Chesire to debate voter rights 3  STUDENT VOTERS
03/15/1978Orange voter challenges investigates. . . 1  STUDENT VOTERS
03/01/1978Attorney to aid in defending legality. . . 1  STUDENT VOTERS
02/22/1977Editorial: Where to draw the line? 6  STUDENT VOTERS
11/19/1971First vote must make an impression 8  STUDENT VOTERS
09/11/1971SG passes bill to avoid voting suit 1  STUDENT VOTERS
02/21/1977Area Democrats challenge student voting 1  STUDENT VOTERS
10/18/1971Editorial: Right to vote undeniable 6  STUDENT VOTERS
03/22/1972UNC denied registrar by board 1  STUDENT VOTERS
02/22/1977Move challenging student balloting. . . 1  STUDENT VOTERS
03/17/1978Wallace, Wilson speak out, back Cohen 1  STUDENT VOTERS
09/14/1971Editorial: Voting requirements unfair 6  STUDENT VOTERS
03/21/1978Students should be considered residents 4  STUDENT VOTERS
11/04/1971Elections Board denies . . .challenge 1  STUDENT VOTERS
10/27/1992UNC students' votes. . . determine local school bond 1  STUDENT VOTERS
09/09/1971Students can vote in Orange County 1  STUDENT VOTERS
02/28/1978Lawyers want injunction on voter. . . 1  STUDENT VOTERS
03/14/1977Op.Ed: Orange committee frightened by. . . 10  STUDENT VOTERS
04/06/1972County board refuses UNC registrar 1  STUDENT VOTERS
02/22/1977Editorial: The Right to vote 6  STUDENT VOTERS
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