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02/26/1974Meeting set to discuss NCSU suit 1  NCSU, STUDENT STORES
08/29/1974Law restricting stores hurts NCSU 1a  NCSU, STUDENT STORES
04/01/2004Campus stores to drop cigarettes 1  STUDENT STORES, CIGARETTES
04/07/2004Editorial: A choice hindered 10  STUDENT STORES, CIGARETTES
09/25/1998Laptop Sales Jump at Ram Shop 2  RAM SHOP, STUDENT STORES
01/12/1999Student Stores Enforced UNC, Not State, Policy in Bookseller's Expulsion 8  STUDENT STORES
05/06/1971Student Stores fund for athletics attacked 1  STUDENT STORES
04/11/1986Fresh look for store, phased in 1  STUDENT STORES
08/24/1994Ed: UNC plays monopoly 16a  STUDENT STORES
11/19/1991Student Stores accused of disobeying state act 1  STUDENT STORES
08/22/1996New store tailored to needs of conference center 4  STUDENT STORES
02/20/1996Student Stores Selling Lecture Notes Through Private Company 1  STUDENT STORES
09/09/1987Merchants support Johnny T-Shirt 3  STUDENT STORES
06/01/1989Editorial: Face up to the law 18  STUDENT STORES
04/16/1999Student Stores Should go Nonprofit, Lower Prices (letter) 10  STUDENT STORES
12/07/1972Profits announced by Student Stores 3  STUDENT STORES
02/23/1994DA investigates possible student stores violations 1  STUDENT STORES
07/13/1995Students should consider not selling back textbooks [letter] 8  STUDENT STORES
10/23/1970Snack Bar Boycott Threatened By SG 1  STUDENT STORES
11/17/1989Fanaticism not cause Penthouse (letter) 8  STUDENT STORES
12/07/1984Op.Ed:UNC & IBM just don't compute 8  STUDENT STORES
06/08/1989Computer sales OK at. . . 1  STUDENT STORES
04/12/1989Ramp to be constructed in Pit 1  STUDENT STORES
09/09/1994Construction requests include new student stores addition 1  STUDENT STORES
08/25/1975Accountant to be tried for theft 4  STUDENT STORES
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