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02/15/2000Editorial: Four more votes 10  STUDENT REFERENDA
12/01/1993Congress to vote on DTH Referendum 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/02/2000Code Dispute hoeads to court today 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/12/2003Students pass Green Energy referendum 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/17/2000Students vote to up fees, USSA falls flat 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
11/14/1995U-Bus, Code Changes on Ballot in Special Election 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/09/2000Sign petiton to put USSA . . . (letter) 14  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/10/20033 Referendums up for student vote in election 3  STUDENT REFERENDA
10/16/1989Court to decide referendum validity 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/11/2003Editorial: Vote yes for activity fees 10  STUDENT REFERENDA
12/03/1993Editorial: Stalling the student vote 10a  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/11/2003Editorial: Vote no to Renewal energy -- campaigners need better proposal 10  STUDENT REFERENDA
11/09/1995Students to Vote Next Week on Funding U-Bus, South Campus Recreation Projects 3  STUDENT REFERENDA
07/13/1995Student referendum to decide funding changes 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
11/15/1995U-Bus Fee, Four Other Referenda Pass 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
09/14/1994Battle hopes proposals will make referendum 7  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/02/2000Congress passes 3 voter referenda 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/12/2003Voters OK student activity fee hike 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/10/2000Petitons push referendum back on ballot 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
10/23/2002Referendum For Increased Fees Possible 3  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/02/1990Meeting to examine referendums 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
02/16/2000Referendum votes remain uncertain 1  STUDENT REFERENDA
03/17/1970Agar's Endorsement Goes To Gooding 2  STUDENT REFERENDA
03/07/1961The Constitutional Referendum: An Impressive Mandate Is Needed 2  STUDENT REFERENDA
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