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11/02/1988Anti-CIA group holds Pit Forum 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
11/19/2002Court Dismisses Charges Against UNC Protesters 3  STUDENT PROTESTS
04/19/1993Hardin, Schroeder correct in action versus...(letter) 9  STUDENT PROTESTS
10/31/1989Radio drama: CIA protester climbs tower 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
10/29/1987Students protest CIA recruitment 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
10/06/1988Student Congress & CIA interviews 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
03/24/1988Students protest SDI 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
11/02/1988Editorial (Entwistle/McKinley) 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
04/19/1972Editorial: Noon vigil offers chance 8  STUDENT PROTESTS
09/28/1988CIA protesters in honor court 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
10/31/2001Editorial; Uniting through speech 8  STUDENT PROTESTS
03/05/2003Students to stage walkout 3  STUDENT PROTESTS
03/23/1988Students decry counseling plan 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
10/31/1988Op.Ed: CIA Protest 11  STUDENT PROTESTS
04/21/1999Students Stage All-Night Sit-in 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
01/21/1988Editorial: CIA protests 8  STUDENT PROTESTS
04/22/1994College republicans "bombed" pit villaged 2  STUDENT PROTESTS
04/16/199316 students arrested in Hardin's office 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
11/03/1988Students hold 'educational protest' 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
03/16/1987Trespass law, protesters 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
02/07/1988Vigil prostests apartheid, racism 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
11/13/1985Vigil addresses student input. . . 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
10/03/1970Yacks Burned To Protest University. . . 1  STUDENT PROTESTS
04/13/1988Editorial: Divestment 8  STUDENT PROTESTS
04/19/1999Students Stroll Through Meeting in Protest 3  STUDENT PROTESTS
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