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09/14/1959SP And UP Supply Campus Leadership 6  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
09/22/1959Editor Young Speaks to SP At First Meeting in GM 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
09/23/1959DTH Editor Speaks To SP 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
10/08/1959Proposed UP Change Draws Reaction From SP Head, Sheffield 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
10/13/1959How To Get Shafted 2  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
10/20/1959Verbal Free-For-All Results From Student Party Meeting 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
10/27/1959SP Approves Proposal, Picks Class Officers 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
11/01/1959Student Party To Consider Platform 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
10/21/1969SP Affirms Student Rights 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
02/12/1970SP, UP Set Nominating Conventions 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
11/05/1959UP, SP Announce 30 Candidates To Fill 15 Class Officer Posts 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
11/11/1959Drive To Establish Freshmen Legislature Underway; SP Leaders Hope To Push Proposed Bill Over 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
11/24/1959SP Calls For New Election 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
12/02/1959SP Discusses Problems; Board To Meet Sunday 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
01/06/1960Student Party Will Discuss By-Laws Next 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
02/04/1960Sheffield Resigns Post As Chairman Of Student Party 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
02/17/1960SP Preparing To Nominate Campus Slate 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
02/25/1970Hirsch Wins SP Nomination For Student President 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
...Dean To Contend For VP Position 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
02/28/1970UP, SP Nominate Student Candidates 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
03/03/1970SP Slates Russo For Vice-President 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
02/28/1960Student Party To Resume Nominations Monday 3  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
03/13/1960Parties Look Ahead As Elections Near: SP Dubs Vote Day As A Day Of Reckoning 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
...Parties Look Ahead As Elections Near: UP Looks To Future Party Activities 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
03/20/1960Student Party Now Out With New Platform 1  STUDENT PARTY (SP)
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