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09/13/1995Small town natives adjust to Chapel HIll bustle 4  STUDENT LIFE
10/17/1995Pencil the students in 8  STUDENT LIFE
02/06/1973Jones resigns asst dean Student Life 1  STUDENT LIFE
09/13/1995Student siblings provide 'built-in support system' 5  STUDENT LIFE
11/25/2003Students skip town for weekend cheer 9  STUDENT LIFE
10/27/2003In the zone 3  STUDENT LIFE
02/14/1895Four stages of a student's life 2  STUDENT LIFE
01/22/2004School of rock: UNC artists struggle to balance two lives 5  STUDENT LIFE
01/23/2004Religious life thrives on campus 3  STUDENT LIFE
01/27/2004Impromptu sledding ends in injuries 2  STUDENT LIFE
01/29/2004The arts & entertainment guide to beating cabin fever 5  STUDENT LIFE
02/02/2004Super parties celebrate Bowl 4  STUDENT LIFE
02/12/2004More partake in college ritual: drinking games 3  STUDENT LIFE
...Dating on the Hill [supplement] 1-12  STUDENT LIFE
02/24/2004Back to their roots 1  STUDENT LIFE
03/04/2004Editorial cartoon: "You'll have 50 minutes to complete the exam" 12  STUDENT LIFE
04/23/1970Sitterson Discusses Student Attitudes, Changes 1  STUDENT LIFE
04/06/2004Bingo, card games give some students a break 9  STUDENT LIFE
04/12/2004Splitting hairs 3  STUDENT LIFE
06/25/2004Op.Ed: Become part of UNC's history 5  STUDENT LIFE
...Op.Ed: College presents chances for challenge, betterment 9  STUDENT LIFE
...UNC rich with service outlets 9  STUDENT LIFE
...Organizations offer varied opportunities 11  STUDENT LIFE
...Campus Greek scene strong 11  STUDENT LIFE
08/31/2004Op.Ed: Hard work on campus has connection to future plans 12  STUDENT LIFE
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