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09/14/1959Official Governing Body Is Legislature 3  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
09/20/1959Legislative roundup 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/10/1959Leader In Legislature Is Ousted: J. Crownover Replaced As Floor Leader For SP 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/15/1959Legislative Roundup 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/16/1959Student Legislature Tables The General Elections Measure 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/17/1959Proposed General Elections Law Introduced Before Legislature 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/30/1959Student Legislature Haggles Over Elections; Postpones Bill: Crownover's Motion For Two Boxes Passes 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
09/23/1969SL Visitation Fight Seen 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
09/26/1969Visitation Policy Okayed By SL 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
09/27/1969Student Legislature's Ignorance 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
09/28/1969SL's Lack Of Personal Conviction 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/02/1969Double Jeopardy 'Renewal' Goes Before SL Tonight 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
...Moratorium Bill Faces SL 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/03/1969S. L. Passes Double Jeopardy 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/04/1969SL Endorses Moratorium; Refuses To Close Offices 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
...A Question Of Involvement 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/05/1969Student Legislature: A Lower Life 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
10/07/1969SL Double Jeopardy Proposal Vetoed By Faculty Committee 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
...Power: The Ultimate Question 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
11/01/1969Joe Beard Is Impeached As SL Rules Chairman 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
11/08/1969SL Legislators Support Strike 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
12/02/1969SL Strike Fund Hearing Resumes 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
...$200 Appropriation Violation Of Mandate 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
11/06/1959Legislative Roundup 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
11/11/1959Two Bills 2  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
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