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02/14/1973Student-run health clinic benefits. . . 3  STUDENT HEALTH ACTION COMMITTEE (SHAC)
10/20/1971Provides free health care 1  STUDENT HEALTH ACTION COMMITTEE (SHAC)
10/31/1990Parent renews lawsuit against UNC 1  STUDENT HEALTH ACTION COMMITTEE (SHAC)
11/25/1974Clinic's funds cut by one-third 2  STUDENT HEALTH ACTION COMMITTEE (SHAC)
11/30/1995Student-Run Health Clinics Aids Those in Need 1  STUDENT HEALTH ACTION COMMITTEE (SHAC)
04/11/2008Health clinic turns 40 1  STUDENT HEALTH ACTION COMMITTEE (SHAC)
09/26/1996Editorial: [Here's to health] 14  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
10/02/2001SHS changes prompt no major criticism 2  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
02/05/1993SHS first local clinic to get Depo-provera 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
02/28/1989UNC followed state rules in epidemic 8  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
07/09/19811st female SHS director (Cowan) 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
01/25/1990SHS, student government create liaison 3  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
09/22/1994SHS bills can be charged to account 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
01/11/1979Emergency room nurses provide help 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
08/25/1975Student Health Center offers. . . 7  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
04/06/1979SHS fee increases meet prices. . . 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
07/24/1975Op.Ed: Speaking out on SHS plans 2  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
03/17/1998SHS might get full-time gynecologist 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
02/20/2001Morning-after pill easier to obtain 5  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
10/06/1972Infirmary rides limited (By Police) 2  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
04/25/1983New insurance plan covers added charges 3  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
12/05/1990SHS says rape victim was not refused 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
11/29/1979Fee increase favored (SHS) 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
11/02/1971$5 health fee increase asked 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
09/03/1971Booklet on drugs set for dispersal 1  STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS)
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