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11/29/1995Cabinet Questions Increase, Allocation Of Technology Fee 3  STUDENT FEE
11/14/1995U-Bus, Code Changes on Ballot in Special Election 1  STUDENT FEE
09/30/2013Student fee increases considered 1  STUDENT FEE
09/19/2007Student leaders clash on fee process 1  STUDENT FEE
09/25/2007Congress to consider fees increases, veto 1  STUDENT FEE
10/30/2007Fee reeferendum on ballot today 1  STUDENT FEE
10/31/2007Fee referendum passes 1  STUDENT FEE
03/20/2008Fee helps subsidize child care 3  STUDENT FEE
01/28/2009Committee tables fee hike decision 3  STUDENT FEE
05/22/2014Ed: An alarming precedent 10  STUDENT FEE
05/29/2014Sexual health programs targeted 1  STUDENT FEE
02/18/2009Fee hike results held pending lawsuit 1  STUDENT FEE
02/25/2009Child care fee vote up again 1  STUDENT FEE
03/03/2009Child care fee up again 1  STUDENT FEE
03/04/2009Child care fee hike passes 1  STUDENT FEE
03/30/2009Child care fee will go to help 40 student parents 4  STUDENT FEE
06/12/2014Students pay fee for night parking, faculty required to pay for pass 1  STUDENT FEE
04/02/1997Committee meets year-end goals 1  STUDENT FEE AUDIT COMMITTEE
11/17/1997Student leaders, administrators disagree on who should pay fee 1  STUDENT FEE AUDIT COMMITTEE
01/13/1997SFAC questions summer school student fees 2  STUDENT FEE AUDIT COMMITTEE
11/14/1997Audit group dislikes technology fee boost 3  STUDENT FEE AUDIT COMMITTEE
11/18/1996Committee to recommend increase in ONE card fee 2  STUDENT FEE AUDIT COMMITTEE
02/12/1996Students Can Approve Fee Oversight Group 3  STUDENT FEE AUDIT COMMITTEE
09/14/2004Task forces turn critical eye on student fees 1  STUDENT FEE AUDIT COMMITTEE
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