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10/18/1989McKinley found guilty on 2 counts 1  GRADUATE STUDENT COURT
10/11/1989Changes date of activist's hearing 1  GRADUATE STUDENT COURT
04/18/1974Op.Ed: You can't pull this one over 6  STUDENT COURT
02/19/1974Court okays run-off (Granville) 1  STUDENT COURT
03/19/1975CGC seat challenge dismissed by court 1  STUDENT COURT
11/29/1988Case could affect judicial process 1  STUDENT COURT
10/31/1972Challegne hearings postponed 1  STUDENT COURT
03/25/1974Court reveres election, Pritchard wins 1  STUDENT COURT
01/14/1974Editorial: Court ignores personal rights 6  STUDENT COURT
02/12/1973Supreme Court to decide Mask challenge 1  STUDENT COURT
11/06/1972SG reform overturned 1  STUDENT COURT
04/01/1974Reform passes; effective in fall 1  STUDENT COURT
03/05/1975Court to consider elections challenges 1  STUDENT COURT
02/15/1974Student Court reinstates loan service 1  STUDENT COURT
01/15/1974Judicial committee fails to meet again 1  STUDENT COURT
01/24/1974Editorial: CGC must pass reform bill 6  STUDENT COURT
02/12/1974Court order filed about 'instant loans' 1  STUDENT COURT
04/04/1994Student court to rule on validity of recall 3  STUDENT COURT
06/19/1975Constitutionality questioned 12  STUDENT COURT
11/22/1996Group plans to clarify student courts' rules 2  STUDENT COURT
11/07/1973Judicial reform action delayed 1  STUDENT COURT
09/20/1972Student courts need reform (letter) 6  STUDENT COURT
10/20/1972Judicial reform proposal submitted 1  STUDENT COURT
03/04/1999Editorial: Let the Court Rule 12  STUDENT COURT
03/19/1980Editorial: Legal Smoke 8  STUDENT COURT
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