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11/10/1959SP And A Trend 2  STUDENT COUNCIL
11/12/1959Legislative Roundup 2  STUDENT COUNCIL
11/13/1959Legislature Takes No Action On Student Council Ruling; Referendum Is Still Hanging 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
...Public Trial Request Made 2  STUDENT COUNCIL
11/14/1959Testimony Contradicts; Leads To Continuation In Student Council Case 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
11/15/1959And Then There Were Three 2  STUDENT COUNCIL
11/19/1959Amendment Write-Ins Do Not Effect Vote 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
12/01/1959Student Council Turns Down Appeal For Second Election 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
12/03/1959$123,000 Budget Estimated For Year 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
12/09/195912 Sentenced By Student Council: Pair Found Innocent, One Case To Be Heard 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
04/02/1960Purrington Elected Chairman Of Council 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
05/18/1960Student Council To Try University Trio Accused Of Raising Hand-Made Flag: Charges Violation Of Campus Code 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
...Flag-Raiser Issues Statement On Incident 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
05/22/1960Our Student Judiciary 2  STUDENT COUNCIL
11/01/1963Faculty Unaware Of Trial Change 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
10/25/1941Ed: This Year's Council Is Working 2  STUDENT COUNCIL
02/17/1942University Party Picks Hall, Hammond For Initial Nominees on Junior Slate 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
05/05/1942New Student Council Moves Into Difficult Job Tonight 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
05/22/1942Ed: Students, Not Council, to Blame 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
05/27/1942Ed: More Incorrigibles Cheaters, Less Efficiency Predicted if Council Publicizes Violators 2  STUDENT COUNCIL
06/16/1942Campus to Elect Representatives to Student Council 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
06/19/1942Railey, Spence Elected Delegates To Student council 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
06/26/1942Ed: Inefficient Elections, But Who Cared? 2  STUDENT COUNCIL
07/07/1942Student Council Reports Honor Code Decisions 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
10/10/1962Three Students To Talk At UVA On Miss. Riots 1  STUDENT COUNCIL
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