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07/28/1994SBP Receives First Draft of Proposed Code Revisions 2  STUDENT CODE
09/17/1997Editorial indicates real need for Student Code education (letter) 12  STUDENT CODE
04/08/1991Hazing & harassment. . .code amendments 3  STUDENT CODE
12/01/1993Editorial: Remove DTH From Code 8  STUDENT CODE
03/22/1999Editorial: Code Relief 12  STUDENT CODE
07/17/1997Congress puts stamp on new payback plan 1  STUDENT CODE
09/07/1995In marathon meeting, Congress changes code, funds Review 1  STUDENT CODE
02/24/1997McIntyre to clarify position 1  STUDENT CODE
12/03/1993Editorial: Stalling the student vote 10a  STUDENT CODE
02/19/1999Editorial: Code Conundrum 8  STUDENT CODE
01/22/1997Editorial: [Wrong code] 10  STUDENT CODE
03/18/1997Revisions aim to improve Student Code 1  STUDENT CODE
09/09/1998Congress Seeks Code Definition 1  STUDENT CODE
11/14/2003Editorial: Following Code 8  STUDENT CODE
04/22/2004Student Congress to revise, fix code 1  STUDENT CODE
06/03/2004Liles earns legislative positions 3  STUDENT CODE
...Editorial: Time for an update 10  STUDENT CODE
07/15/2004Editorial: For the calendar 10  STUDENT CODE
06/25/2004Student code to be examined 8  STUDENT CODE
08/23/2004Student code set to undergo major change 2  STUDENT CODE
08/26/2004Congress kicks off analysis of Code 1  STUDENT CODE
09/01/2004Election rules come under fire 1  STUDENT CODE
09/15/2004Committee will hold series of code revision hearings (letter) 8  STUDENT CODE
10/05/2004Leaders discuss election changes 1  STUDENT CODE
10/08/2004Panel studies election policies 1  STUDENT CODE
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