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04/06/1987Student volunteers 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
10/15/1985Activism targets apartheid, divestment 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
03/19/1986Group builds shantytown 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
04/08/1988Student Groups, University disagree 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/18/1988McKinley to reappear Graduate court 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/08/1984Controversial CGC protest bill Ok'd 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
10/29/1987Students protest CIA recruitment 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
12/05/1991Student activism in town politics not unique 3  STUDENT ACTIVISM
01/30/1986Candidates advise, student input 3  STUDENT ACTIVISM
04/09/1986Group seeks new forms of protests 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
03/24/1988Students protest SDI 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
01/30/1986Group presents grievance list 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
09/28/1988CIA protesters in honor court 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/21/1988UNC officials & freedom to dissent 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
01/29/1986Divestment hopes offered at forum 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/26/1985Student push for more involvement 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
10/30/1987Editorial: Protest deviates... 14  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/17/1976Sobel cites end of draft/activism 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
08/27/1986Opposition to Shearon Harris 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/15/1989Activist calls for student action 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/16/1988Posters for ex-CIA agent torn down 4  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/29/1988Editorial: Food fight/ARA vs students 8  STUDENT ACTIVISM
04/18/1988CIA protest ends in student arrests 3  STUDENT ACTIVISM
01/21/1988Editorial: CIA protests 8  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/20/1984Candlelight vigil. . . Central America 1  STUDENT ACTIVISM
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