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04/04/1994Editorial: A student committee 8  CHANCELLOR'S STUDENT FEES COMMITTEE
09/20/1996Fees pay ECU student body officers tuitions 3  ECU, STUDENT FEES
10/01/2004Grad students question fee use 1  STUDENT FEES, GRADUATE
08/27/1990Fees, out-of-state tuition rise 1a  STUDENT FEES
02/09/2004Leaders push for vote on fee shift 1  STUDENT FEES
04/15/2011Ed: Focus on fees 10  STUDENT FEES
09/19/2011Committee evaluates new fees 3  STUDENT FEES
10/12/2011ITS proposal charges for internet 5  STUDENT FEES
10/10/2011Editorial: The fee no one needed (Business School) 7  STUDENT FEES
02/20/2012Speaker fees may face cap 3  STUDENT FEES
09/07/2012Student fees likely to increase this fall 1  STUDENT FEES
09/24/2012Student fees for transit may rise 1  STUDENT FEES
10/15/2012New $25 Greek fee passed 1  STUDENT FEES
09/30/2013Student fee increases considered 1  STUDENT FEES
08/27/2007Ed: Here we go again 14  STUDENT FEES
08/28/2007Committee debates fee increases 6  STUDENT FEES
09/19/2007Student leaders clash on fee process 1  STUDENT FEES
10/29/2013Task force discusses proposed fees 3  STUDENT FEES
01/28/2009Committee tables fee hike decision 3  STUDENT FEES
05/29/2014Sexual health programs targeted 1  STUDENT FEES
02/25/2009Child care fee vote up again 1  STUDENT FEES
03/03/2009Child care fee up again 1  STUDENT FEES
...Ed: Vote no on fee increase 8  STUDENT FEES
03/04/2009Child care fee hike passes 1  STUDENT FEES
03/16/1971Trustees get report 1  STUDENT FEES
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