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10/18/1968No Favorites In Strauch's Book 3  STRAUCH, BRUCE
10/25/1968Editorial Cartoon: I Am Strauch, Shabby But Virtuous Artist 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
10/31/1968Editorial Cartoon: We Are The Frat Men 1  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/02/1968Editorial Cartoon: It's Time For The Bi-annual Ritual Of Culture Night Here At The Fratty House 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/03/1968Editorial Cartoon: I Should Like To Cash A Check, Kind Merchant 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/06/1968Editorial Cartoon: SSOC Demonstrations! 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/07/1968Editorial Cartoon: This Is RTVMP! 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/09/1968Editorial Cartoon: Goin' T'The House Meeting?! 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/10/1968Editorial Cartoon: Democracy Is The One Form Of Govt. That Gets What It Deserves & Not What It Needs 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/12/1968Editorial Cartoon: Campaign For Votes, Cook Co. Style 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/16/1968Editorial Cartoon: SSOC Is Getting Too Much Publicity 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
11/22/1968Editorial Cartoon: A Class Of Freshmen! How Wretched! 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
12/05/1968Editorial Cartoon: The Strauch Handbook On Being Cool, Lesson #4 Slovenly Elegance 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
12/06/1968Editorial Cartoon: 95% Mark-Up At Book-Ex 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
12/08/1968Editorial Cartoon: I Am The Chapel Hill Barber 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
12/10/1968Editorial Cartoon: I Am The Elementary Ed. Major. 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
12/12/1968Editorial Cartoon: Student Course Evaluation! 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
12/15/1968Editorial Cartoon: Young Man, Can You Tell Us The Way To The Rathskeller? 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
01/10/1969Editorial Cartoon: Now, Class, If You're Wondering What Happened To The Test You Took Back In October . . . 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
01/17/1969Editorial Cartoon: Being The World's Greatest Admirer Of My Own Views... 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
02/06/1969Editorial Cartoon: Now We Have All The Food For Chase Cooked At Lenoir 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
02/07/1969Editorial Cartoon: Now, Son, It Isn't As Though The Book-Ex ENJOYS Lying To You... 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
02/22/1969Editorial Cartoon: This Is SSOC, A Gang of Lost Souls In Search Of An Identity 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
09/17/1967Editorial Cartoon: I shall not be a TCC... 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
09/19/1967Editorial Cartoons: " I am the Junior transfer coed..." 2  STRAUCH, BRUCE
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