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03/18/1991Undergrad teaching award finalist named 3  STONE, SONJA
12/03/1979Process needs student input (letter) 6  STONE, SONJA
08/30/1991Endowed chair for. . .goal of groups campaign 1  STONE, SONJA
09/23/1991Stone lived life as a teacher with (letter) 8  STONE, SONJA
08/22/1991Stone's death marks loss of black leader 1  STONE, SONJA
09/06/1991Outside funding needed to endow chair 1  STONE, SONJA
11/19/1991Luncehon guests honor Stone, discuss BCC 3  STONE, SONJA
08/23/1996UNC employee finds Stone bust in pieces 3  STONE, SONJA
09/11/1991Hardin will ask trustees to rename BCC 1  STONE, SONJA
09/04/1991100 march for Stone, await Hardin's 1  STONE, SONJA
07/17/1980Stone gets tenure 1  STONE, SONJA
09/03/1991Op.Ed: Death brigs loss of warrior . . . 13  STONE, SONJA
10/25/1990Prof. Stone receives award 3  STONE, SONJA
07/03/1980Report suggests tenure 2  STONE, SONJA
06/19/1980Trustees to receive on Stone tenure 1  STONE, SONJA
11/30/1979Trustees to hear Stone appeal 1  STONE, SONJA
11/27/1989Op.Ed:Reappointment of Cell shows apathy 9  STONE, SONJA
11/29/1979Stone's tenure denial provokes (letters) 8  STONE, SONJA
09/12/1991SG executive branch gives $32,000 to scholarship 3  STONE, SONJA
08/27/1991Editorial: Remembering Sonja Stone 8  STONE, SONJA
10/28/1991Trustees name BCC after Stone 1  STONE, SONJA
08/25/1980Op.Ed: Stone tenure fight tests rules 6e  STONE, SONJA
08/27/1991Campus groups name BCC, aid for Stone 1  STONE, SONJA
12/03/1979200 students rally for Stone 1  STONE, SONJA
11/30/1979Stone (letter) 6  STONE, SONJA
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