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12/05/1990Statue location to be given, chancellor 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
01/15/1991Statues to be moved 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/12/1990Editorial: Constructive criticism 8  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/29/1990College GOP lambaste statue critics 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
...Editorial: Marked insensitivity 8  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/30/1990Forum extends discussion on sculpture 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
10/25/1990White men are target (letter) 8  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/15/1990Editorial: Just do it 8  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/13/1990Alternate statue sites proposed 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
12/03/1990The African-American statues (letter) 10  STATUE CONTROVERSY
12/05/1990Liberals two-faced on issue (letter) 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/26/1990Committee plans forum, statue site 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/14/1990Letter suggests five sites (letter) 8  STATUE CONTROVERSY
12/04/1990CAOS proposes Person Hall as site 3  STATUE CONTROVERSY
01/16/1991Committee's list. . .excludes statue site 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
01/10/1991Statues still unmoved. . . 3  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/07/1990Statue relocation addressed in letter 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/09/1990'Lone protesters' begin countdown 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/13/1990Chancellor says sculpture issue belongs. . . 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
11/14/1990Politics, art forum prompted by exhibit 1  STATUE CONTROVERSY
12/05/1990College GOP guilty homophobia (letter) 8  STATUE CONTROVERSY
10/25/1990Silent Sam does have negative. . .(letter) 8  STATUE CONTROVERSY
10/29/1990Contradictory editorials (letter) 9  STATUE CONTROVERSY
10/26/1990UNC police guard statues 3  STATUE CONTROVERSY
10/25/1990Student athlete quote (letter) 8  STATUE CONTROVERSY
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