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10/10/1996Common Sense gets $5,024 in student fees 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
11/25/2003Thomas brings spark to speech 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
09/22/1959Touring The Bush With Al 2  SPEAKER AT UNC
03/17/2011Imam: Islam no enemy 1  SPEAKER AT UNC
03/18/2011Lost opportunity with Rauf 10  SPEAKER AT UNC
09/14/2011Gibbs talks media in a chaotic world 1  SPEAKER AT UNC
09/22/2011Coulter speech still possible 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
09/13/2011Attacking the stereotypes: Arif Alikhan addressed the need to eliminate prejudice 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
10/04/2011Professor discusses teaching math 6  SPEAKER AT UNC
...Al Young will give this year's Thomas Wolfe lecture 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
09/29/2011CR to look for cheaper speakers 1  SPEAKER AT UNC
09/08/2011Bringing speakers to campus can force groups to seek out multiple sources of funding 1  SPEAKER AT UNC
09/06/2011College Republicans postpone Ann Coulter speech 1  SPEAKER AT UNC
11/15/2011TEDxUNC will gather experts 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
...Understanding Islam: International correspondent visits UNC 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
03/03/2011A Nobel gift: Smithies uses Nobel winnings to fund symposia 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
02/16/2011Hersh talks diplomacy 7  SPEAKER AT UNC
01/25/2011Social success: Columnist discusses emotional intelligence 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
01/20/2011Mindset of a leader: CNN's O'Brien discusses King's vision, legacy 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
11/30/2011Event explores Iraqi women's rights 7  SPEAKER AT UNC
12/01/2011Some protest Bloomberg 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
12/06/2011Conservative blogger against 'social justice' 5  SPEAKER AT UNC
...Director Spike Lee to speak tonight 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
04/20/2010AIDS activist speaks at UNC 9  SPEAKER AT UNC
01/17/2012Talking with Andrew Young 1  SPEAKER AT UNC
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