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12/06/1973Bell must bid on UNC phone utility 1  SOUTHERN BELL
02/28/1977FCC permits Southern Bell to buy system 1  SOUTHERN BELL
10/26/1981Bell requests hookup fee hike 1  SOUTHERN BELL
10/07/1977Op.Ed: Take back goodies, give service 10  SOUTHERN BELL
10/02/1990Phone deal should improve service 3  SOUTHERN BELL
11/01/1976FCC nod stands (for UNC phone transfer) 1  SOUTHERN BELL
02/17/1978Bell fined $300,000 in false expense. . . 1  SOUTHERN BELL
01/12/1978RHA hits phone rates in commission. . . 1  SOUTHERN BELL
11/16/1976Employees ask delay. . .transfer 1  SOUTHERN BELL
11/30/1978Bell buys Belk store, new headquarters 3  SOUTHERN BELL
01/21/1976A windfall for Southern Bell 6  SOUTHERN BELL
08/30/1977Editorial: Hunt should fight Bell's 6  SOUTHERN BELL
01/18/1978Editorial: Bell ignores moral duties. . . 4  SOUTHERN BELL
10/05/1977State to use RHA data in So. Bell case 1  SOUTHERN BELL
01/20/1982Phone rate increase fought 3  SOUTHERN BELL
03/30/1978Editorial: Victory over Southern Bell. . . 8  SOUTHERN BELL
10/02/1980Phone rate hike protest begins 3  SOUTHERN BELL
01/20/1978Commission: no order on Bell 1  SOUTHERN BELL
01/16/1978Board seeks budget hike, opposes. . . 1  SOUTHERN BELL
09/06/1977Op.Ed: Are increases justified? 8  SOUTHERN BELL
10/13/1977Aldermen level blast at Ma Bell 1  SOUTHERN BELL
04/19/1977Phone installations to cost $20 1  SOUTHERN BELL
07/07/1977SB's rate hikes--is there justification? 11  SOUTHERN BELL
08/04/1977For better or worse: Bell here to stay 9  SOUTHERN BELL
09/26/1975Telephone sale may raise rates 1  SOUTHERN BELL
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