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01/23/2001Student input will influence construction of new bus stop 3  BUS STOPS, SOUTH CAMPUS
04/27/1968Bus Bill Approved 1  BUS STOPS, SOUTH CAMPUS
05/04/1968South Campus Bus Starts Monday 1  BUS STOPS, SOUTH CAMPUS
03/19/2001South Campus group voices concerns 1  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
02/07/2001Construction under way at last 3  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
04/09/2002Ramshead construction to begin in summer 2  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
12/02/2003Officials tout new IT center's locale 3  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
11/20/2003BOT panel revies building designs 3  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
03/22/2011Manning closes on weekends 1  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
02/14/1963Ed: Why? Why? Why? 2  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
10/25/1963Twenty Million Dollar Elbow Room 1  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
04/24/2013Hill Hall to receive renovations in 2015 3  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
11/27/2007Some construction on hold 1  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
11/07/2014What's keeping construction crews on the quad this year? 1  CONSTRUCTION, SOUTH CAMPUS
09/27/2002New Residence Halls Dedicated 3  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
04/12/2004Op.Ed: Meeting demand for housing outweighs aesthetic worth 11  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
04/20/2004Trustees to tackle high-rise halls 1  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
12/16/1960New Dorm Plans Announced Six Story 'X' Building Will Cost $3,633,000, House 1,300 1  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
04/02/2013Plans begin for possible new dorm 1  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
08/23/2013Older Residence Halls Get Upgrades 3  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
01/31/2014Dorms to begin composting initiative 1  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
06/04/2009Summer housing moves south 7  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
09/18/1962Craige And Ehringhaus To Accommodate 1,423 7  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
01/26/2015Ed: HoJo, you're going down 5  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
02/20/2015Mold uncovered in Morrison dormitory 3  DORMITORIES, SOUTH CAMPUS
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