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08/30/1999Rushing to the Finish Line 3  SORORITY RUSH 1999
08/31/2000Rain Fails to Dampen Spirits of New Pledges 1  SORORITY RUSH, 2000
09/24/1967Editorial: Fraternities And Negroes: The Twain Should Meet 2  SORORITY RUSH
11/19/2010Greek rush policy changed - Performance based system 3  SORORITY RUSH
11/29/2010Greeks respond to rush policies 1  SORORITY RUSH
09/06/2011No booze, no boys, less business 3  SORORITY RUSH
09/02/2011Sorority rush policy embraces older set 3  SORORITY RUSH
09/10/2010Bidding hello: Panhellenic sororities welcome new members 3  SORORITY RUSH
12/07/2011Spring rush requirement not clear cut 3  SORORITY RUSH
07/01/2010Rush plans under review 1  SORORITY RUSH
04/25/1963Panhel Council Renovates Rules For '63 Fall Rush 5  SORORITY RUSH
10/06/1963Sorority Rush Slow, Statistics Indicate 1  SORORITY RUSH
10/12/1963Ed: The Perennial Matter Of Dirty Rush 2  SORORITY RUSH
01/31/2013Rush puts a spring in sororities' steps 8  SORORITY RUSH
11/14/1963Negroes Go Thru Rush This Year 1  SORORITY RUSH
11/21/1963Ed: 'But Everyone Already Knew That' 2  SORORITY RUSH
02/07/1964Plans Are Given For Spring Rush 1  SORORITY RUSH
10/05/1941Pan-Hellenic 'Round Robin' Opens Rushing 1  SORORITY RUSH
10/14/1941Coeds Receive Bids Today 1  SORORITY RUSH
10/15/1941Pi Beta Phi Top Rushing With Total of 28 Pledges 1  SORORITY RUSH
09/17/2007Sorority returns to campus 3  SORORITY RUSH
08/29/2008Recruiters work hard to make rush a success 3  SORORITY RUSH
09/04/2014Sorority Bid Day was held in McCorkle Place Wednesday 3  SORORITY RUSH