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03/19/1999New Social Work Class Offered to Undergraduates 3  SOCIAL WORK
11/24/2003Families, friends gather to grieve after suicides 3  SOCIAL WORK
11/04/2004UNC readies social workers for tough job 11  SOCIAL WORK
06/09/2011Master's candidate had passion for social justice 7  SOCIAL WORK
03/10/2014Social work student remembered as role model 1  SOCIAL WORK
02/12/2003Campus official explains developments in Lamb case since town meeting (letter) 8  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
10/20/1994New school for social work building named after 3 dignitaries 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
06/18/1998School of Social Work hires new assistant dean 3  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
06/18/1992New deans to lead pharmacy, social work schools 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
10/11/1991Authors Haley, Kuralt to help Social Work 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
02/07/2003Editorial: Speaking without thinking -- a contract prof should apologize 8  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
02/04/2003Social Work instructor accused of racist act 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
07/11/1991Social work school lacking funds 3  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
10/29/1980Dean of UNC school Dies 3  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
07/16/1992Turner's social work. . . fighting socity's ills 2  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
10/14/2002BOG Approves Social Work School Dean 3  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
12/17/1970Health Union probes Dean case 2  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
08/23/1991Building for social work school delayed 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
11/24/1970Rally Set In Support Of Dean 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
08/27/1990Budget cuts delay Social Work building 5a  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
02/02/1971Temporary dean named 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
03/09/1992. . . to launch doctoral degree program in 1993 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
09/02/1997Lea Rabin to speak at Jordan Institute for Families 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
02/03/2003School to discuss allegations of racist remarks 3  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
03/15/1995Workshop to focus on experiences of blacks in american society 1  SOCIAL WORK, SCHOOL OF
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