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03/02/1989Dorrance resigns men's soccer post 1  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/22/1999Men's Soccer Ends Season With Heartbreaking Loss 7  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/19/1990Cavs down men, 3-1 in NCAA 12  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
08/30/1976Dorrance to take reins as soccer coach 13  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
10/30/1989Will they ever lose? Women win ACC 12  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
10/16/1990Bolowich's report news to Missimo 7  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
03/12/1992Men's soccer coach thwarts fake recruit's scam 3  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/14/1980Dorrance: an intense, competitive coach 5  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/06/1990Men's soccer earns surprise NCAA bid 5  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
09/12/1977Scholarships pay off for soccer team 5  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
10/13/2003UNC wins pair in tourney 14  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
09/10/2003Storey poised to lead UNC to NCAA crown 6  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
12/09/2009Tar Heels head to College Cup 10  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/19/2010Martinez chases dreams at North Carolina 5  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/13/2009McCarty casts his own light as a junior 1  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/11/1962UNC At Maryland In Soccer Contest 4  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
09/28/2012Play the Craven, nevermore 7  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
02/22/2013UNC, Columbus to honor Urso's memory 5  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
08/31/2007Soccer ready to kick off season 5  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
10/12/2007Heels Defeat Blue Devils 7  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/04/2013UNC ends road slate undefeated 7  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
10/27/2014Men's soccer wins 6th game in a row 8  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)
11/24/2014Gritty UNC advances in muddy NCAA win 9  SOCCER TEAM (MEN)