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11/13/1996Board could ban smoking in residence halls 1  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
11/25/2003Plan may snuff out smoking 1  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
11/26/2003RHA confident in smoking proposal 3  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
...Editorial: Up In Smoke 8  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
02/27/2004Smoking ban to begin in fall 1  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
03/03/2004Editorial: Unnecessary ban 10  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
08/23/2004Ban on smoking hits campus halls 6  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
09/22/2004Op.Ed: You had better call students, because they won't call you 10  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
10/03/2012Smoking ban garners positive feedback in survey 3  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
08/21/2008Ed: No space for smokers?` 12  SMOKING BAN, RESIDENCE HALLS
10/17/1975Smoking ban approved in heavy turnout 1  SMOKING BAN
01/20/1976More on smoking (letter) 6  SMOKING BAN
10/15/1993New policy bans smoking in campus buildings 1  SMOKING BAN
09/26/1990Editorial: Smothering in smoke 8  SMOKING BAN
07/20/1995No crackdown follows local smoking ban 2  SMOKING BAN
10/13/1993Editorial: Striking a balance 12  SMOKING BAN
09/11/1995Op.Ed: Tobacco companies not exactly savory, but neither are advertising regulations 13  SMOKING BAN
10/24/1975No ban on smoking until faculty action 1  SMOKING BAN
08/24/1995Local bar rejecting town smoking ban 1  SMOKING BAN
09/02/1994Kenan stadium tells smokers "no" this year 1  SMOKING BAN
01/13/1976Campbell asks for full support of ban 1  SMOKING BAN
09/11/1995Op.Ed: Friends of a filter flock together 13  SMOKING BAN
09/17/1993Board set to vote to restrict smoking 1  SMOKING BAN
10/20/1975Chancellor's smoking stand criticized 1  SMOKING BAN
09/26/1990Administrators to propose campuswide. . . 1  SMOKING BAN
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