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04/11/2003Silent Sam' should topple exactly like Hussein statues (letter) 8  SILENT SAM
04/19/1971Editorial: An interview with Silent Sam 6  SILENT SAM
09/26/1973Silent Sam gets reader' defense (letter) 6  SILENT SAM
11/06/1986Sam's fixed; the truck breaks down 1  SILENT SAM
08/21/1986Silent Sam prepares to resume place 4a  SILENT SAM
11/13/1986...retakes his final stand 1  SILENT SAM
...Editorial: Return...respected symbol? 8  SILENT SAM
04/14/2003Silent Sam represents the choices available in U.S. (letter) 10  SILENT SAM
09/29/1973Reader replies, statue defense (letter) 6  SILENT SAM
04/23/1986Statue to get $8,200 makeover 1  SILENT SAM
10/05/1973Statue a landmark, not racist (letter) 8  SILENT SAM
11/11/1986Takes place on pedestal Wednesday 1  SILENT SAM
04/14/2003History of South, Iraq too diffferent to be compared (letter) 10  SILENT SAM
10/17/2003Letter: DTH article on DiPhi debate on Silent Sam one-sided 8  SILENT SAM
10/15/2003Civil War memorial sparks debate 3  SILENT SAM
10/17/2003DTH article on DiPhi debate on Silent Sam one-sided (letter) 8  SILENT SAM
10/26/1968Silent Sam Shoots Shots Seldom 2  SILENT SAM
09/24/1961Silent Sam's A Yankee 1  SILENT SAM
03/04/1968Silent Sam--Solicitous Soldier 3  SILENT SAM
04/09/1968Silent Sam's Dignity Restored 5  SILENT SAM
09/19/2011Not-so-silent Sam 1  SILENT SAM
09/23/2011Editorial: Quiet down on Silent Sam 8  SILENT SAM
11/17/2014Students march to football game for better visibility 1  SILENT SAM
02/10/2015Silent Sam up for debate 3  SILENT SAM
03/17/2015'No longer asking' 3  SILENT SAM